AR15 Rifle

AR-15 Rifle Viper Double Trigger

AR 15 at a Glance
Just two words define the AR-15: Practicality and Style.

The Ideal Choice
To the sports gunman, the AR-15 rifle is a beautiful piece of machinery. Its lightweight body, semi-automatic nature and various available sizes makes it an ideal choice for sportsmen of all types and interests.

Serious Benefits
Fashioned after the military M16, this sleek, black rifle is perfect for the civilian who wants to protect himself and his family, but self defense isn’t the only reason to purchase an AR15. It has other, more entertaining, purposes as well.  For example, for the gun enthusiast who loves the feel of the smooth aluminum and the thrill of the fire, this rifle is a perfect fit.

Regardless of whether you design your own using an AR15 builder or going with a “tried and true” premade, like a Colt AR15, you will have a hard time finding fault with this popular firearm.

The Right Parts
AR15 parts are crucial. They can completely make or break your shooting accuracy and overall experience—especially the trigger. That small piece of curved metal is vital in the proper functioning of the piece. Take a moment to explore our trigger options to find just what your rifle is missing right now.

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AR-15 Viper Double Trigger

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