AR15 Builder

Who doesn’t want to be able to say they designed their own rifle? AR15 builders allow you to do just that!

Buy Viper Double Trigger for AR-15 Today!

AR15 Viper Double Trigger -

AR15 Viper Double Trigger –

Why Build Your Own Rifle?
Real gun lovers know that every rifle doesn’t fit every owner. They definitely aren’t a “one size fits all” piece of machinery. You have to be able to customize the look and feel of your gun.

AR15 rifles are investment pieces that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s important that you get exactly what you wants.

When using a builder, you don’t have to settle for a premade, which may not be best suited to your needs and body size. After handling a few different guns, you may discover that you’re more comfortable with a smaller lower receiver or, perhaps, a bigger one.

Builders allow you to actually put your rifle together, piece by piece. You can then order the customized rifle online or print out your design and take it to a store. Either way, you’re sure to be pleased with your one-of-a-kind rifle.

AR-15 double trigger

AR-15 double trigger

Why Buy a Trigger From
If you’ve already taken the time to build your very own AR15, we don’t have to convince you that having high quality, customizable parts is important. You already know that, so the need for a top-notch trigger is apparent.

The trigger is what makes that beautiful piece you built worthwhile. It’s what gives it that amazing power gun owners live for. So, of course you need trigger from!

Our Viper features a double trigger which allows you to choose between a stock trigger pull and another that is 2.5 times less. For the sensitive owner who knows all about the importance of positioning and comforting while firing, that option is priceless!

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