AR15 Kits

Ready to upgrade?
Outgrown your current model and need something a bit better?

An AR15 kit is a set of parts and accessories that can be purchased to upgrade the look of your rifle.

The best thing about AR15 kits is that they can completely transform the look of your rifle in a very short period of time. When you see the final product, you’d swear you bought a whole new rifle. Kits come with a variety of parts, but if you’re looking solely for a high quality trigger, consider taking a look at our inventory.

Do I Need a Separate Trigger if One Already Comes in the AR15 Kit?
The answer to that question is, “yes and no.” No, you don’t need a separate trigger if you’re fine using mediocre triggers that may or may not feel comfortable, that may or may not function smoothly, that may or may not “stick.” Yes, you need a separate trigger if you understand (like any gun enthusiasts should) the value of a high quality double trigger that makes each shot just as powerful and smooth as the last.

Still need some more convincing? Click here to see the specs on our beautiful Viper triggers. You’ll know just what we’re talking about and be ready to BUY NOW!

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