AR15 Lower Receiver

In the anatomy of a rifle, the lower receiver is the part that encases the trigger. As the name implies, it is the lower piece of the gun and it often (but not always) includes the forend grip.

They can cost anywhere from fifty dollars to a few hundred. Obviously, this is an important part of the gun, so you should avoid the urge to purchase one simply because it is cheapest. Instead of merely considering cost, it is better to choose one that complements the size and weight of the upper receiver.

This ensures that the rifle isn’t off balance, which makes it hard to steady and control. As a general rule of thumb, remember the following: the bigger and heavier the upper receiver, the bigger the lower receiver should be.

Do Lower Receivers Include Triggers?
It depends. Some do and some don’t, but that’s not the question you should be asking. What you really want to know is, “Are the triggers that come with lower receivers high quality?” That’s the million dollar question! And that’s why specializes in triggers.

We know you can get lower receivers (and other parts) at a number of suppliers, but when it comes to the trigger, you have to think a little harder. A faulty or low quality trigger will reduce the quality and effectiveness of even the most expensive receiver.

Don’t take that chance. Buy your trigger from, the trigger specialists!

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