AR15 Upper Receiver

Most notably, the upper receiver includes the barrel and the bolt. As one could easily guess, it sits above the lower receiver and is responsible for expelling the bullet. Rifles are known for their long, easily recognizable upper receivers.

Serious Costs
AR15 Upper receivers are usually more costly than lower revivers. They can cost upwards of one thousand dollars, but can also be found at lower price points. They are, arguably, the most important part of the rifle—along with the trigger.

They’re much larger than the handheld firearms police officers carry. Instead, imagine the long guns hunters use. That’s the look of the typical AR 15 upper receiver (though they can be shorter).

Because AR15 upper receivers can be long, some of them have attached forend grips to make it more comfortable while shooting. Because most AR15 owners are not buying them for their portability, they don’t mind the size of the gun. They’re more concerned with the feel and the power.

What’s the Connection Between the Upper Receiver and the Trigger?
Those have got to be the two most important parts of the rifle. The former carries the bullet from the chamber to its final destination, and the latter is responsible for the spark that makes that process possible.

They work together beautifully—that is IF you have a high quality trigger.

Low end triggers can ruin your firing experience and throw off your accuracy. Regardless of whether you purchased your rifle for sport or self defense, accuracy is key. It shouldn’t be compromised in any way. wants to keep that from happening. Buy one of our finely crafted triggers to ensure your upper receiver is sending the bullets exactly where you want them.

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